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Unlike most Internet jewelers, at Diamond Design Co. each piece of jewelry is carefully designed and crafted by our in-house jewelers.

Need it wider, smaller, more stones, less stones, a different metal or precious stone, NOT A PROBLEM. Our jewelry is made-to-order-, "made by us for you".

Fine quality jewelry should come with fine quality service

Full Lifetime Warranty

Your Diamond Design Co. jewelry piece is made with special care, skill and hours of patient effort. We understand that this piece of jewelry will be among the most personal and meaningful you will ever own. Therefore, Diamond Design Co. provides its jewelry owners with the following Full Lifetime Warranty.

Warranted Craftsmanship

Your Diamond Design Co. jewelry is designed and made to exacting quality standards and is warranted against any imperfection in design or workmanship. Any piece not meeting these standards will be repaired or replaced without charge within our 45 day return policy. Also, we highly recommend jewelry insurance to cover long term value of your jewelry and normal wear and tear (e.g., lost stones, etc.).

Lifetime Inspection and Cleaning

To keep your jewelry as beautiful as the day you first wear it and to avoid loss of stones, etc, Diamond Design Co. will inspect, clean and refinish your jewelry upon request and at no charge on an annual basis (shipping charges, lost stones, are not included). Any piece of jewelry that does not meet the specific warranties stated herein will be repaired or replaced without charge.

Any repair or replacement under this warranty is not valid if any work is performed on the jewelry by any other jeweler or for damages caused by everyday normal wear and tear. Please learn more about jewelry insurance to cover loss.




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