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Ruby Gemstones

A Bit of History

Rubies have been celebrated in the Bible and in ancient Sanskrit writings as the most preciousFine Quality Fire & Ice Ruby Jewelry by Diamond Design Co. of all gemstones. With a history as a prized possession of emperors and kings throughout the ages. The inner fire has been the inspiration for innumerable legends and myths, and to this day, no red gemstone can compare to its fiery, rich hues.

Many people associate its brilliant crimson colors with passion and love, making Ruby an ideal choice for an engagement ring. Ruby is the red variety of the corundum mineral species, while all other colors of corundum are called Sapphire.

Ruby is mined throughout Southeast Asia. While Thailand and Myanmar (Burma) produce exquisite examples of this gemstone that the ancient Sinhalese people called "Ratnaraj," the King of Gems.

This most sought after gemstone is available in a range of red hues, from purplish and bluish red to orangish red. Ruby is readily available in sizes up to 2 carats, but larger sizes can be obtained. However, in its finest quality, any size Ruby can be scarce. In readily available small sizes, Ruby makes an excellent accent gemstone because of its intense, pure red color.

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The red of Rubies is in a class all by itself: warm and fiery. Two magical elements are associated with the symbolism of this color: fire and blood, implying warmth and life for mankind. And thus Ruby-red is not just any old color, no, it is the epitome of color: hot, passionate and powerful.

The color of a ruby is measured using three terms - tone, hue, and saturation. The tone is a measure of the deepness of the red color. It describes whether the red is dark, medium, or light. Medium to medium-dark are considered the best tone of red. The hue describes the slight presence or hue of other colors. And the saturation describes how well the gem has been saturated with the red colors and how free it is from any brown or grey colors.

At the Diamond Design Co. we only use the finest quality vivid red rubies that retain their beauty even in artificial light.

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Clarity is another important issue to consider when buying a ruby. As with diamonds, a ruby's clarity can have an impact on its rarity and thus price. Rubies, like diamonds, usually have the presence of some trace minerals. These flaws or marks are called inclusions.

Fine quality, untreated gemstones are the rarest to be found and thus draw premium prices. Most rubies are heat treated to remove some imperfections and impurities, and may also serve to enhance the color. Permanent "heat" treatment is a common industry practice that does not significantly detract from the value of the ruby. Although there are some "temporary" enhancements that should be avoided.

At the Diamond Desing Co., we do not work with any gemstones that are temporarily enhanced with color agents or other "filling" enhancements such as oiling or resin infusion. Review the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) list of gemstone enhancements. Ask your jeweler to disclose any and all enhancements.


At the Diamond Design Co., quality and client satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. To ensure our clients receive the "quality and value" promise that we stand behind, we grade our gemstones as strict as we grade our diamonds.

The scale we use is based on 10-power magnification (hand held loupe or microscope). This means that for all practical purposes, any imperfection that is too small to be seen with x10 magnification does not "exist" when grading a ruby.

The purer a ruby, the greater its value. Most gemstones contain characteristic inclusions that provide proof of their natural origin. Those inclusions should not be so visible that they detract from the beauty of the gemstone. All of our fine quality products will only contain gemstones in the LI - MI categories as described below:

FI Inclusion Free

The highest clarity grade given. The ruby in question will be without imperfections visible with x10 magnification.

LI Light Inclusions

The LI inclusion in question may be difficult to detect unaided, visible to an experienced gemologist using x10 power magnification.

MI Moderate Inclusions

The MI inclusion in question may be difficult to detect unaided and visible easily to the gemologist with the aid of x10 magnification.

HI Heavy Inclusions

Inclusions and imperfections in this group may be visible without the aid of x10 magnification to an experienced gemologist.

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The cut contributes to a polished gemstone's beauty. As with diamonds, cut is perhaps the most over-looked in gemstones. How does cut affect a ruby's value and beauty? A good cut gives a ruby its brilliance, without maximum brilliance, the "life" of a beautiful ruby is less thus the price less.

The particular angles and finish of any ruby are what determine its ability to handle light, which leads to brilliance.

In a poorly cut ruby, however, the light that enters through the table reaches the pavilion facets and then 'leaks' out from the sides or bottom of the ruby rather than reflecting back to the eye. Shallow and deep cuts should be avoided.


Cut quality



Finish refers to the qualities imparted to a ruby by the skill of the ruby cutter. The term "finish" covers every aspect of a ruby's appearance that is not a result of the ruby's inherent nature when it comes out of the ground. The execution of the ruby's design, the precision of its cutting details, and the quality of its polish are all a consideration when a gemologist is grading finish.

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